Tuesday, June 26, 2012


View of Zurich's Grossmunster across the Limmat River

Zurich probably doesn't rank on the top must see cities on anyone's European vacation list-but it should.  This city will surprise you!  Although there are a multitude of banks that line the streets of this city considered one of the wealthiest in the World-Zurich still maintains its old world charm.  Untouched from the wars that have ravaged many of Europe's larger cities you can expect to find a clean, efficient, and orderly city.

From Zurich's main train station you can walk the famous Bahnhofstrasse Street that runs over a mile straight to the shores of Lake Zurich.  Along this renowned street you can do a little window shopping in some of the most expensive shops know to man.  For those with a little more than change in their pockets they can do more than window shop.  One of the favorite stops while on this street is the must see Sprungli Confections that have been in the same building for over 175 years.  Along with delicious chocolates and truffles be sure not to miss their signature Luxemburgerli!

To get away from the shopping crowds and bankers, hop on Ferry near the train station for a spectacular ride down the Limmat river and out onto Lake Zurich.  These unique river boats will pass under several bridges crossing the Limmat offering views of both cathedrals and Zurich's old town.

After your ferry ride you can visit several major Cathedrals that date back to 850 AD.  Your first stop should be the Fraumunster, this once Abbey that was later converted into a Cathedral after the reformation has stain glass windows made by Marc Chagall that shine vibrant colors in the morning light.

After the Fraumunster stroll the narrow alleyways up to St.Peter's Cathedral which boasts Europe's largest clock face.  This small cathedral built by King Louie the German sit atop of hill surrounded by quaint shops and cobble stone streets.

After St.Peters cross the Limmat River and walk to the Water Church nestled on the shores of the Limmat.  Here is the marking place of the death of Felix and Regula, two Catholic Saints who were martyred for their belief in Christ.  Just up the hill is Zurich largest and most historical Cathedral the Grossmunster.  Commission by Charlemagne this Cathedral hold the crypt of Felix and Regula and is also the central Cathedral during the Reformation.  It is here that Zwingli offered his powerful sermons that pushed the reformation throughout Switzerland.

After your fill of Cathedrals and history take a slow stroll down one of Europe's best kept secrets.  The shop and cafe lined back alleyway found directly behind the Cathedral Grossmunster is an absolute must do while in Zurich.  From eclectic shops to gelato vendors this car less cobblestone lined backstreet has all the charm you could possibly want!  This long walkway goes all the way from Lake Zurich to the train station and you will enjoy every moment of this slow stroll.  This is where most the night life of Zurich is found during the evening hours where the outdoor cafes are filled with people enjoying the summer evenings.

Zurich is also very family friendly.  It's safe and clean streets will make you forget that you are in Switzerland's largest city.  Don't count this city out on your must see list because you will be pleasantly surprised!

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